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I am Cortez, an Italian artist from Rome, known by my real name Alessandro Bagagli for my English production of 7 rock albums: Under the Gun and Magic in the Air (2013), Shouted Songs (2014), Primal Life (2015), Live & Die (2016), Out in the Nowhere (2017) and Highways & Cigars (2018).

I was born as a guitarist and now I am a multi-instrumentalist and an independent composer.

I started in 1994 with PolyGram / Mercury under the stage name Alex Baggi and an Italian rock album called Un Po’ di Sentimento.

After my experience as Alessandro Bagagli, I started a collaboration with artists from all over the world and in 2019 I released The Eve, Entropy and a single, I’ll Make it Up for You with The Eve brand. At the end of this experience, I wanted to start a new musical journey.

I changed my name to a new stage name, Cortez and in 2020 I released two brand new works in Italian, two rock albums Poeta di Strada and Nel Colore della Notte.

My musical journey has no rules or a specific musical style. I write and do what I like. So, again in 2020, I released a new funk and soul disco album Come to Poppa, a tribute to the Seventies' disco funk music of Studio 54.

In February 2021 it came out Souled, an album with strong soul funk tints.


Then I went back to where it all began. I played in hard rock and heavy bands. I was a singer. That’s how I started. I was young and my room was full of vinyls and posters of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, UFO, Free... and on June 4th, 2021 I paid tribute to my old passion for hard rock with the release of my new album Through Death Valley & Nowhere.

My journey also pushed me to the coast of California, on a psychedelic trip that draws inspiration from groups and artists such as The Byrds, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and George Harrison.

​A rebirth that led me to new destinations full of creativity and peace, con Rise Again, released on October 7th 2021.

For Christmas 2021 I decided to go back to rock in Italian with the album Domani Cambio Nome.

As I promised to my Italian friends, after two years I went back to writing and realizing an album in Italian. It is a rock album, with dark hues, a little reflective.

In March 2022 I went country with Train a Coming, my album released on March 4th.

June 21 marked another step in my discography, with the release of Modern Blues

In December  2022 an album titled Rock 'n' Roll Packed has been released.

Next album is called And the Rain Was Coming Down and it will be out February 16, 2022.


In this section you can download Cortez's press kit prepared for media relations and the press  and read the articles about the Italian artist published to date.

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