The Italian rock artist Cortez from Rome has so far been known by his real name Alessandro Bagagli for his English production, 7 rock albums available digitally in streaming and download on the main e-music stores: Under the Gun and Magic in the Air (2013), Shouted Songs (2014), Primal Life (2015), Live & Die (2016), Out in the Nowhere (2017) and Highways & Cigars (2018).


With the classic rock riffs of his 1952 Telecaster, the chords and licks of the Byrds-style 12-string Rickenbacker and the extended and powerful vocals, his music owes its influence to artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp and Pearl Jam.


He started in 1994 with PolyGram / Mercury under the stage name Alex Baggi and an Italian rock album called Un po 'di Sentimento . After his experience as Alessandro Bagagli, he collaborated with many artists from all over the world on two of his projects with the name "The Eve", realizing two albums, The Eve and Entropy , both released in 2019 and available in all stores of e -music for streaming and downloading.

After years of English productions, the Italian artist has decided to change his musical path starting with a new stage name, "Cortez" and two brand new works in Italian, two rock albums called Poeta di Strada (Street Poet) and Nel Color of Night (In the colors of the Night), both available for streaming and downloading of all e-music stores.


On 2 October 2020 an album was released, again in English, Come to Poppa, a funky disco pop album that pays homage to the sound and groove of the seventies, made famous by the famous and unforgettable Studio 54 in New York.

In a world of pop-rock culture infected with drugs and individualism, Cortez still speaks of struggles of the soul, of life fighting for a better future, of the continuous search for things and feelings important for freedom and human solidarity. See making music as a form of human prayer and redemption.


Cortez has just announced the release of the new album Souled , scheduled for February 25, 2021.

For his new album Cortez has already released four music videos. You can watch them on its official YouTube channel and in the Videos section of this site.


A peculiarity of all his production is that Cortez writes his songs and produces them independently, playing all the musical instruments present in his works, arranging his music directly.

His complete discography is now available on all streaming services, Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and Apple Music. You can follow Cortez on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

Like Gemini, Cortez is very multifaceted: he is a novelist, a painter and a sculptor. You can see some of his works of art around many places in Rome.


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