I'm Cortez, an Italian artist from Rome, known by my real name Alessandro Bagagli for my English production of 7 rock albums: Under the Gun and Magic in the Air (2013), Shouted Songs (2014), Primal Life (2015), Live & Die (2016), Out in the Nowhere (2017) and Highways & Cigars (2018).


I was born as a guitarist and am now a multi-instrumentalist and independent composer.


I started in 1994 with PolyGram / Mercury under the stage name Alex Baggi and an Italian rock album called Un po 'di Sentimento .


After my experience as Alessandro Bagagli, I started a collaboration with artists from all over the world and in 2019 I released two projects under The Eve brand, The Eve and Entropy and a single, I'll Make it Up for You . At the end of this experience, I wanted to start a new musical journey.


I changed my name to a new stage name, Cortez and in 2020 I released two brand new works in Italian, two rock albums called Poeta di Strada and Nel Colore della Notte .


My musical journey has no rules of musical style. I write and do what I like. So, again in 2020 I released a new funk and soul disco album Come to Poppa , a tribute to Studio 54's disco funk music of the seventies. In February 2021 Souled was released, an album with strong soul funk tints.


Then I went back to where it all began. I played in hard rock and heavy bands. I was a singer. That's how I started. I was young and my room was full of vinyls and posters of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, UFO, Free ... and on June 4th 2021 I paid tribute to my old passion for hard rock with the release of my new album Through Death Valley & Nowhere .

My journey also pushed me to the coast of California, on a psychedelic trip that draws inspiration from bands and artists such as The Byrds , Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and George Harrison .

A rebirth that led me to new destinations full of creativity and peace, with  Rise Again, released on October 7th .

For Christmas I decided to return to Italian rock with the album Domani Cambio Nome .

As I promised to my Italian friends and friends, in fact, after two years I went back to writing and publishing in Italian. It is a rock album, with dark hues, a little reflective. Time to take stock? I do not know. Certainly of rebirth and new challenges. Like the phoenix, given the current times, I think we can all find ourselves looking  in a mirror, wondering what we have become and perhaps still remembering who we wanted to be. Here, this record speaks a little of this, certainly a lot of me and I hope a little of you too.




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